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The Donkey Makes Ads – Watch Here

As our readers know by now, we have launched a regular feature on the blog called “Donkey Ad Watch” where we highlight, praise, or critique political ads from across the country and across the aisle. But what our readers may not know is that we are also political ad makers ourselves.

Check out our sister web site, Donkey On The Edge, where you can find our bios, contact information, and all the nice things the local, state, and national press has said about us.

And here are some of our ads, produced for such notable progressive organizations as Courage Campaign, Blue America, and the California Nurses Association. We encourage you to view the ads and practice your own “Donkey Ad Watch” in the comments.

Go ahead. If we can dish it out, we can also take it.

Blanche Lincoln: Corporate Shill –

Created and produced for Blue America as part of their “Campaign for Health Care Choice,” the ad has been featured in such national media outlets as The Washington Post, Real Clear Politics, Politico, Roll Call, National Journal, Talking Points Memo, and MSNBC. The Democratic Strategist called the ad “…very tough and graphically amusing.”  We also won a 2010 Telly Award in the Political/Commentary category.

A California Carol –

Created and produced for Courage Campaign, the web video highlights the recent California budget crisis and Gov. Schwarzenegger’s refusal to raise much-needed revenue to close the multi-billion-dollar deficit. Winner of a 2009 Telly Award in the Political/Commentary category, the video secured well over 50,000 views, as well as national notoriety in The HuffingtonPost, DailyKos, MyDD, Calitics, and LaFiga. The Los Angeles Times called it a “punchy web cartoon” that “skewers Schwarzenegger.”

Meg Whitman Puts The “A” In Absentee –

Produced for California Nurses Association and Courage Campaign, this web ad juxtaposes Meg Whitman’s abysmal voting record with the suffragists’ courageous struggle to win the right to vote ninety years ago. But instead of taking that right seriously, Meg Whitman has rarely voted for three decades. Now she wants to buy the California governor’s mansion. If there’s one thing we hate, it’s hypocrisy.

David Dreier: Bush Rubber Stamp –

Created and produced for Courage Campaign, the ad exposed Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) for what he was: a Bush Rubber Stamp. As well as receiving national media attention, it also won a 2009 Telly Award in the Political Issues/Campaign Advertising category.

Have You Had Enough Of Barrow: Web Version –

Produced for Blue America, the web ad highlighted Blue Dog Democrat John Barrow’s abysmal conservative voting record while promoting his progressive primary challenger, Regina Thomas in GA-12.

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