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This is an image from Sarah Palin’s Facebook page from March 23, 2010. It illustrates a “target” list–cross hairs above 20 congressional districts including that of the Arizona Congresswoman from the 8th district Gabrielle Giffords who has been shot this morning along with six others at a public meeting in Tuscon, AZ.

From Sarah Palin’s facebook page entitled “Don’t Get Demoralized! Get Organized! Take Back The 20!”:

Signed “Sarah Palin”.

This link takes you to a chilling video of Giffords on MSNBC last March reacting to the vandalism at her office and threats to her safety after her vote in favor of health care reform.

At the Donkey Edge, our thoughts and prayers are with the Giffords family and all of those who were killed and wounded today at the Safeway in Tuscon.


Update: Courtesy of @ebertchicago, “this ad was run by Giffords’ rightist opponent”

Update: Here’s Palin’s original Facebook post from March 23, 2010.

Update: I have revised this post changing “who has allegedly been fatally shot” to “who has been shot” as Giffords’ and the others who have been shot are at the hospital in critical condition. At this point MSNBC reports one fatality–a 9 year old. Our prayers are with their family.

Update: A prescient video from the March 25, 2010 edition of–wait for it–“The View” reacting to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page posting of March 23, 2010. I can’t believe I’m writing this–but I agree with Elizabeth Hasselbeck and find her reaction both well-spoken and spot-on. Whoopi Goldberg’s words are chilling and pointed: “to the talking heads who are still inciting this — Whatever comes down from this, it’s on your hands.”


Update: No matter one’s political views, there is no place in our free society for violence of any kind.  The cowardly shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen innocent bystanders (as of this writing), including the deaths of Federal Judge John Roll and a nine-year-old child, is despicable, made even worse by the constant drumbeat of violent rhetoric that stems from the paranoid, anti-government forces on the far right.  It is one thing to criticize someone politically: it is quite another to use violent language and gun-related metaphors to incite supporters.


Californication Voter’s Guide 2010!

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Whoomp, here it is! The California Voter’s Guide for Tuesday’s election. Vote early… and vote often!

CLICK ON LINK BELOW for the more legible and printable PDF version:

Donkey CA Voter Guide 2010


Let's kick some ass Tuesday!


The Truthinator: Schwarzenegger on Class Warfare

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Hasta la vista, black oil

This is extraordinary. California Governornator Arnold Schwarzenegger who we at TheDonkeyEdge have blasted repeatedly both in our California Carol ad for his budget shenanigans and for dealing a devastating veto earlier this year against agricultural workers making them second class citizens has made a Hollywood-style, Han Solo, blow up the bad guys at the last minute speech the likes of which I, frankly, never could have imagine coming from his lips.

In it Schwarzenegger terminates the Koch brothers and big (Texas) oil. He makes the following progressive statements which from Prez Obama would make the right sound a clarion call for his ouster:

“Does anyone really believe that these companies out of the goodness of their black oil hearts are spending millions and millions of dollars to protect jobs?”

Black oil hearts? That’s only the beginning. Batter up:

“I want to talk about the corruption of the democratic process and about forces willing to sabotage this country’s economic future for private gain. I want to talk about the Texas oil interests that have descended upon California to overturn a California environmental law, and then as soon as they’ve done their dirty work thanks to millions of dollars of scare-tactic advertising, they intend, in the words of their own spokesperson, to fold up their tents and go home. Ladies and gentlemen there’s a great drama, there’s a great struggle playing out here in California right now which the rest of the world doesn’t pay much attention to and knows very little about and that’s why I’m here today to put the spotlight on this very important issue. And let me just say that the entire oil industry is not involved in this deception that I will explain here today. No, there are some oil companies that are trying to do the right thing. But others are not. Oil companies like Valero and Desoro and Frontier and Koch Industries are trying to blatantly manipulate the will of the people and the public good.”

Talk about using the bully pulpit. Roll video:

When you’ve lost Schwarzenegger you’ve jumped the shark. Obviously, he’s pissed about the Koch brothers and big oil trying to overturn his landmark bill curbing carbon emissions. And I think he speaks from the heart. He obviously loathes Prop 23 which is on California’s November ballot, as should all Californians, but the rhetoric he uses here, to put it mildly, is refreshing. He sounds like Dennis Kucinich.

Maybe it’s the woman behind the man. Or maybe on this issue Schwarzenegger gets it. All I know is that truth really is stranger than fiction.

– SH

UPDATE: She’s A Witch!

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Will Christine O'Donnell's Christian Fundamentalist Supporters Turn The Other Cheek?

Okay, maybe Delaware Senatorial Republican hopeful Christine O’Donnell isn’t a witch, and she didn’t turn me into a newt. But by her own admission, she has dabbled in the occult. Last night, on Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time,” the host showed a clip from his old show, “Politically Incorrect,” in which O’Donnell admitted that she “dabbled in witchcraft” and once had a date on a “satanic altar.” Here’s a quote from her October 29, 1999 appearance:

I dabbled into witchcraft. I hung around people who were doing these things. I’m not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do. One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar and I didn’t know it. I mean, there was a little blood there and stuff like that.

We went to a movie and then had a little picnic on a satanic altar.

And here’s the clip:

I wonder what her Christian fundamentalist friends will have to say about her late-1990s escapades. You know, the same ones who love to ban Halloween celebrations at their local schools and call for the banning and/or burning of Harry Potter books.

Or is forgiveness only for those with an “R” by their name?


Read our original post on Christine O’Donnell’s crazy ideas about human sexuality and other paranoid views in “No Sex, Please, We’re Teabaggers.

No Sex, Please, We’re Teabaggers

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The Newest Member of "Club Crazy"

With the news of Tea Party-backed Christine O’Donnell’s victory in the Delaware Republican Senate primary, the Democrats have one more name to add to the list of crazy. We’ve known about Sharron Angle for months and about Michele Bachmann for years (see “Doubling Down on the Crazy”), but Ms. O’Donnell’s brand of wingnuttia may be new to our readers. So, as a public service, we are offering a compendium of crazy.

Ms. O’Donnell has publicly stated that:

– The kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna at MTV’s 2003 VMAs was pathetic and icky (or something to that effect).

– She is against nude sunbathing (Source: Transcript of Aug. 23, 2000 Fox News segment “Should Sunbathing in Buff be Banned Altogether?”).

“I mean, it is very difficult, I’m sure, for a man to sit there and stare at his girlfriend naked and not want to go a little bit further.”

People with AIDS should not be called “victims” and that the disease is a consequence of their “lifestyle.” Of course, she is also against the use of condoms, which has been proven to stop the spread of the disease.

“We’re doing a great disservice to our young people because the only protection is abstinence, as condoms have been proven fallible….The federal government should not be telling young people to use condoms….It’s also an insult to teenagers, reducing them to the level of a dog that can’t control its hormones.” [Washington Times, 12/1/95]

– Abstinence-only programs have been an enormous success [Source: Hannity & Colmes, 6/6/00], even though they have proven not to work.

“Overwhelmingly, programs that teach abstinence only have an incredible success rate because you’re not giving them a confused message.”

– Co-ed dorm rooms will lead to “orgy rooms” [Source: Washington Times, 9/18/03].

Dorm life has evolved into a blending of the sexes, from coed buildings to coed floors, coed bathrooms and now even coed rooms,”


“What’s next? Orgy rooms? Menage a trois rooms?”

– Masturbation is a sin and a seriously disordered act. During her 1996 appearance on the MTV program, “Sex in the 90s”, O’Donnell stated:

“The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. You can’t masturbate without lust!”


“…if he already knows what pleases him, and he can please himself, then why am I in the picture?”

See the video here:

Clearly, Ms. O’Donnell has issues, but why should all of us suffer?

A recent study found that 93 percent of all Americans have masturbated and that the other 7 percent are liars. Okay, I made that one up, but you get the point. It’s a time-honored hobby that has even shown to have medicinal benefits for men in the fight against prostate cancer. But I suppose Ms. O’Donnell would counter that masturbation constitutes preventative medicine and should not be covered under any circumstances – either by the government or by private insurance.

Of course, if masturbation is a mortal sin, then the seventh level of hell must be more crowded than an L.A. freeway at rush hour. Talk about a bubble economy. I’ve single-handedly put one ginormous down payment on my future “Hellhole in Hades” condominium, although I hear it has a killer view of the boiling river of blood.

But perhaps Ms. O’Donnell’s clear aversion to human sexuality may be making her a bit paranoid.

According to one of Ms. O’Donnell’s campaign managers during her 2008 Senate race against Joe Biden, Ms. O’Donnell actually believed the current Vice President was tapping her phones.

Ms. O’Donnell believes that President Obama is anti-American (mostly because he didn’t vote for a bill that would have made English the official language).

She wanted to put Bill Clinton on trial for the murder of Vince Foster, even though numerous investigations concluded that Mr. Foster committed suicide.

And the doozy of them all, she stated on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Faux News in November of 2007 that she believed scientists have created mice with human brains.

They are — they are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they’re already into this experiment.”

Of course, we all know that happened years ago over at Warner Brothers. But thankfully, all of The Brain’s efforts to take over the world have been thwarted to date.

Christine O'Donnell's Greatest Fear

But despite the obvious opportunity for snark, Democrats misunderestimate underestimate candidates like Ms. O’Donnell (and Christian theocrats like David Barton) at their peril. We have done it repeatedly in the past, and it has allowed them to present themselves as “mainstream.” Many of them will not be satisfied until we live in a Christian fundamentalist theocracy free from dissent or other religions. We at The Donkey Edge have written about this fact in our Beck University series here, here, and here.

But as Sam Stein reported yesterday in The Huffington Post, even O’Donnell herself believes the government can legislate morality (as long as its her kind of morality):

In a C-SPAN appearance the Huffington Post unearthed from December 1996, the Delaware Republican said it was a “misconception that you, quote unquote, can’t legislate morality.”

“The reality of that statement is that if you don’t legislate one morality then you are legislating somebody else’s morality,” she said. “So you can’t get around legislating morality.”

We also need to realize that, as crazy as these candidates have become, this strain of conservatism is nothing new.

Our good friend Digby has an excellent post detailing the fact that the Tea Party is nothing more than the amalgam of all the right-wing fringe groups coalescing under one banner. As usual, Digby hits it right on the head:

“One thing to remember, however — while these people have been around forever, this is the first time they have become a truly powerful institutional force in the Republican party. They have moved smartly into the vacuum left by the Cheney failure and they have done it in a time of crisis, which gives them opportunities they wouldn’t normally have. They are more dangerous today than usual and if they win these seats this fall they cause some very serious trouble.”

We may have thwarted The Brain, but we still have a ton of work to do to defeat this radical fringe.  And it is a battle we must wage without end.


UPDATE: Video clip of O’Donnell admitting that she “dabbled in witchcraft” and once had a “little picnic on a satanic altar.” What will her Christian fundamentalist supporters say? Or is forgiveness only for those with an “R” by their name?

Graph of the Week

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With the midterm elections looming large, we at The Donkey Edge have provided a graph that illustrates why we must vote for our Democratic representatives/senators this fall. Certainly, we’ve had our differences with a few (and a few Blue Dogs are not worth re-electing), but by and large, a Democratic administration (with Democratic support in Congress) creates more wealth and higher wages across ALL income levels than when their Republican counterparts are in office.

Here’s the graph (h/t to Ezra Klein via Slate):

Always Vote For Democrats

You can find this graph (and many others) at Slate’s must-read series on The Great Divergence by Timothy Noah. (Three guesses as to when The Great Divergence in wealth began. Hint: you can thank this guy and his sellout to wealthy corporate interests.) 

The information in this particular graph comes from Princeton political scientist Larry Bartels‘ 2008 book, Unequal Democracy, in which he studied real income growth rates under each president since Truman, from 1948-2005. From the Slate series (emphasis mine):

Bartels plotted out what the inequality trend would have been had only Democrats been president. He also plotted out what the trend would be had only Republicans been president.In Democrat-world, pre-tax income increased 2.64 percent annually for the poor and lower-middle-class and 2.12 percent annually for the upper-middle-class and rich. There was no Great Divergence. Instead, the Great Compression—the egalitarian income trend that prevailed through the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s—continued to the present, albeit with incomes converging less rapidly than before. In Republican-world, meanwhile, pre-tax income increased 0.43 percent annually for the poor and lower-middle-class and 1.90 percent for the upper-middle-class and rich. Not only did the Great Divergence occur; it was more greatly divergent. Also of note: In Democrat-world pre-tax income increased faster than in the real world not just for the 20th percentile but also for the 40th, 60th, and 80th. We were all richer and more equal! But in Republican-world, pre-tax income increased slower than in the real world not just for the 20th percentile but also for the 40th, 60th, and 80th. We were all poorer and less equal!

In short, elections do matter. So, it’s time to rally ’round the Dems and get out the vote this fall.

The Kindle-ing

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What about the Kindle?

While the world watches in horror as Gainesville Rev. Terry Jones plays an outrageous game of tug-of-war with himself over whether or not to lead a group of torchbearers to set fire to Islam’s holiest text tomorrow, there’s another book that was just “published” in Florida that I wish could be burned. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for burning books. In fact I find the idea abhorrent. The thought of burning a book makes me shake with anger.

But this week a 170-page child molestation instruction manual surfaced in Orange County, Florida.

Yes, an instruction manual on how to molest kids.

It was discovered on a list-serv by a been-there done-that Orange County Sheriff’s detective who “has never seen anything like it”:

In one of those e-mails it contained this pamphlet. Um, the pamphlet itself was… I, I’ve never seen anything like it. It was pretty amazing when we first saw it just because of how detailed it is, how, it seems like a professional had put it together.

It describes everything. Literally it’s a step-by-step manual. It describes to people how they can find victims, different locations – churches, schools, day care centers, family, friends, anything – any type of situation you can come across. It details how those offenders or those predators can prey on those children and in a sense try to possibly get away with it undetected.

Here’s a link to the segment from WFTV Channel 9 news in Orlando and to the detective’s interview.

Knowing that that there is a detailed how-to being distributed to current or would-be child molesters makes me want to puke. But it turns out that having and distributing this type of instruction manual in Orange County, Florida is not a crime, though the Sheriff’s Department is looking for the author.

This is by far the most extensive one I’ve seen. It’s very detailed. It shows very clearly how these acts can occur. From the beginning point to the end.

If someone is out there looking for this information it is available out there and it’s a sad thing.

The conflict in Florida this week over these two very different books illustrates how the digital age has affected our ability to create, distribute and vanquish the written word — today burning a book is purely a symbolic act not a practical one.

The book that shouldn’t be burned in Florida might be and the book that should be burned can’t.

– SH

Beck U 8 And 9: I Done Gradiated!

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The Government's Throwing An Inflation Party!

David Buckner’s final lesson was a party! An inflation party! With the government as host and taxpayers as guests. You see, the government has run up huge debt, and it can’t possibly pay it back – ever. And the federal government has only balanced its budget four times in the last 20 years.

Of course, those were the last four Clinton budgets, but let’s not get into the details. In fact, there were no sources or attribution to the numbers Buckner was tossing out, but I’m expecting too much. Okay, so here’s my attribution about Clinton budgets:

So according to Buckner, the government is secretly conspiring to dump a ton of currency into the system and drive inflation through the roof so that the debt is worth less and they can pay it down quicker.

No seriously.  The Great Inflation Scam.  Wait for it.  It’s coming.  Any day now.

Sure, the Fed has kept a low inflation target for the past couple of decades, but we’re not talking the Weimar Republic here. But I’ve read that many leading economist believe the real fear is the exact opposite… deflation.

Buckner also defended his right to cheap Big Macs (See Beck U 5: Blame Canada) when he once again railed against the evils of the minimum wage. He scoffed at the sheer ridiculousness of raising the minimum wage and then erecting a wall along our border to keep out all the illegals who flood across in order to secure those jobs.

Boy, I’ll say. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing undocumented workers insist on getting paid the federally mandated minimum wage and then filling out document after document that lets the United States government know they’re here illegally.

But Buckner had the perfect solution. Abolish the minimum wage, and let the market determine what employees can earn.

Brilliant! If we pay our workers less, then those dirty hordes won’t cross the border and steal all those high-paying jobs here in the United States. As Buckner put it:

Why would people from other countries come to the United States if they make the same as in their own country?

Amen, brother! Or we could just continue to ship all our jobs overseas so there are none left to steal.

Hey, Buckner did say that his Key Principle #4 was that we were all given permission to think.

So, here’s something to think about: your real market at work (via Health News):

The nation’s official poverty rate hit an eleven-year high, rising from 37.3 million, or 12.5 percent, in 2007 to 39.8 million, or 13.2 percent, in 2008, including more than 14 million children. That means more than one of every eight Americans fall below the poverty line…

But those are the lazy, good-for-nothing leeches in this country who simply want to live off of other people’s tax dollars. You know, like the folks on Wall Street. But the market has created a growing class of working poor.  From an article at

In late July the Bureau [of Labor] put out a little-noticed periodic report detailing which private industries employ the most workers and what those workers earn.


Here’s the reality: it’s called retail sales and it pays an $11.84-per-hour average wage.

That’s right folks. More than four million people (or 3.86 percent of all private industry employees in the United States) work as retail salespeople. That’s more than any other single private-industry occupation in the United States. And on average, retail salespeople earn just under $25,000 a year.

Retail sales workers are followed closely by cashiers. That’s the kind of work that about 3.4 million Americans do. For it, they earn an average of nearly $19,000 a year.

See the pattern here?

The private industries employing the largest share of the American workforce don’t pay very much.

Now, brace yourself for the worst of it. It’s not until you get six occupations down the list to customer service agents that average annual wages top $30,000.

But don’t worry about that. Those workers can always buy their goods and services on their credit cards, or maybe even take out a second mortgage on their homes, or even re-fi, right?

Hmmm… Maybe there’s a reason David Buckner teaches education theory and not economics.

Bobo the Clown's New Serious Look

Beck changed his shirt! Perhaps the flop sweat from his “Party on the Mall” rendered his sharp Ralph Lauren polo dirty. Or maybe he simply wanted a new look. But also wearing his very serious glasses, he announced in the preamble to the final “lesson” that he and his staff were wiped out after all the festivities in Washington D.C. and that they were all going to take a nap.

And then he asked us all to put our heads on our desks and listen to the final “lesson,” which was a rambling, incoherent lecture by James Stoner on natural rights and common law.  Of course, like all good rights, they were really only intended to be vested in the states until the bullying federal government came around and stole them for their own.

And Stoner is a big one on common law because he seems to think that it’s all dependent on precedent and what the community thinks and no judicial review or activist judges and all that. Perhaps I’m missing his point, but his ramblings were entirely unclear.

But like clockwork, the horns popped out and the mask slipped about two-thirds of the way into the lecture when he railed against progressives and how they’ve soiled this great nation of ours with their do-gooder nature and their insistence on individual rights and their criticism of natural rights and civil rights.

Say what? Progressives are critical of civil rights?  Let’s parse this out.  There is a dangerous and felonious meme being developed by Glenn Beck and his cronies that it was actually the Republicans and the conservatives who helped bring civil rights to this nation in the mid-20th Century.

Beck claims that progressives and liberals have co-opted the civil rights movement from the true heroes – conservatives.  You know, the conservatives that called Martin Luther King a communist and worse and who tried to block a federal holiday in his name.  The conservatives who tried repeatedly to block important civil rights legislation in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.  The conservatives who used racial code words in order to appeal to white voters in the South (and elsewhere) in order to win elections – the so-called Southern Strategy.

The very same conservatives who railed against judicial activism and screamed for state’s rights in order to preserve the status quo – Jim Crow laws, anti-miscegenation laws, anti-voting rights laws, et al.

In fact, Stoner takes a swipe at the Brown v. Board of Education decision by saying that progressives forced the notion on the country that “rights had to be created equally” and by the mistaken belief that “if the government provides funding, then the funding must be provided equally.”

Of course, this comes from a man who is a theocrat at heart and who advocates for a Constitutional amendment to allow school prayer, who rails against a woman’s right to choose, and who is deeply upset that the Supreme Court allowed non-married couples to use contraceptives (See Beck U. 3: It’s Not A Tumor), among other right-wing views.

Stoner ended by saying that it was “the people’s Constitution,” but let us hope that people like Stoner never get their hands on it.

Oh, right, one more thing. The newly coiffed Beck also announced that he would be bilking offering his subscribers more “lessons” starting in October.  But someone else is going to have to take one for the team.  I have turned in my last term paper and hit the beach.

I done gradiated with my Moronis Asinines.


Read the rest of the Beck U. series: Beck U, Beck U2, Beck U3, Beck U 4, Beck U 5, and Beck U 6 & 7.

Donkey Ad Watch: Gillibrand On Offense

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Sen. Gillibrand's Republican Primary Challengers?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s campaign just released a web video criticizing her potential Republican challengers for pandering to the radical right-wing fringe. The video employs an excellent compilation of clips from the recent Republican primary debate in which all three candidates practically do a slapstick routine trying to out-Tea Party the other. In it, we see them endorse Creationism in the public schools, side with the climate change deniers, and prove their superior Tea Party bonafides.

The only things missing are the face slaps, head punches, and eye-gouges.

So, who are the cast of characters here?

David Malpass: Former chief global economist for Bear Stearns from 2001 until its collapse in 2008. Of course, he made millions while the taxpayers were stuck with the bill. He’s also been endorsed by the New York Post and Rudy Giuliani, and he pays homage to Ronald Reagan in practically every ad he releases. I wonder if he’s heard this 1948 radio broadcast of The Gipper as firebrand liberal?

Bruce Blakeman: A cipher who the Gillibrand campaign calls “a failed Nassau County politician whose only legacy is that he raised property taxes on seniors and families on Long Island.

Joe DioGuardi: A former Republican Congressman who calls Social Security “the biggest Ponzi scheme in the world.

One of these three stooges will be her general election opponent, and it’s never too early to expose them for what they are – puppets to the extreme right-wing fringe. It’s good to see a Democrat not sitting back in hand-wringing mode, too afraid to take the fight to the Republicans.

If you feel so inclined, you can donate to Sen. Gillibrand’s campaign by following this link.

Theater of the Absurd – Part Two

In Politics on September 7, 2010 at 1:08 pm

Just Press "Play"

Act 2: Get your dog whistles out. Here comes “personal responsibility”, “corporate citizenship”, and the dawn of Reagan’s Evangelical Christian subtext.

Some highlights:

General Electric uses the phrase “corporate citizenship”. That the corporation itself is a citizen and, as you say, has a responsibility as a corporate citizen in the community. And I think that modern industry would be the first to admit that back in the ’30s and previous to the ’30s leading up to the Great Depression that there was no such thing as “corporate citizenship” and that management was responsible before the creation of organized labor because they were unwilling to recognize their responsibility and their obligation to their fellow citizens.

See, a corporation is a citizen — no different than a person — with a body (its employees) and a soul (its owners). A soul that can be forgiven — and saved! —  if it is willing to repent. Into the healing waters they go emerging as a new, pure “corporate citizen.”

And now labor must be willing in this massive reconciliation to realize that those same policies no longer hold. That management itself has recognized its earlier sins and repents.

Praise Jesus!

I think we’re also into the era now wherein achieving this strength labor gave away, and when I say labor now I mean the “laboring people” now, gave away a great many of their democratic rights.

In other words, as we do in war they chose a leader and gave a leader full power to wage this war and we’re now in that spot where we must begin to take back into the hands of the rank-and-file membership more of our democratic rights.

Run for the hills – the Communists have taken over the unions!

Here’s part 2 of the interview from 1958:

– SH

Read our first installment: Theater of the Absurd – Part One as well as The Original Reagan Democrat.