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This is an image from Sarah Palin’s Facebook page from March 23, 2010. It illustrates a “target” list–cross hairs above 20 congressional districts including that of the Arizona Congresswoman from the 8th district Gabrielle Giffords who has been shot this morning along with six others at a public meeting in Tuscon, AZ.

From Sarah Palin’s facebook page entitled “Don’t Get Demoralized! Get Organized! Take Back The 20!”:

Signed “Sarah Palin”.

This link takes you to a chilling video of Giffords on MSNBC last March reacting to the vandalism at her office and threats to her safety after her vote in favor of health care reform.

At the Donkey Edge, our thoughts and prayers are with the Giffords family and all of those who were killed and wounded today at the Safeway in Tuscon.


Update: Courtesy of @ebertchicago, “this ad was run by Giffords’ rightist opponent”

Update: Here’s Palin’s original Facebook post from March 23, 2010.

Update: I have revised this post changing “who has allegedly been fatally shot” to “who has been shot” as Giffords’ and the others who have been shot are at the hospital in critical condition. At this point MSNBC reports one fatality–a 9 year old. Our prayers are with their family.

Update: A prescient video from the March 25, 2010 edition of–wait for it–“The View” reacting to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page posting of March 23, 2010. I can’t believe I’m writing this–but I agree with Elizabeth Hasselbeck and find her reaction both well-spoken and spot-on. Whoopi Goldberg’s words are chilling and pointed: “to the talking heads who are still inciting this — Whatever comes down from this, it’s on your hands.”


Update: No matter one’s political views, there is no place in our free society for violence of any kind.  The cowardly shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen innocent bystanders (as of this writing), including the deaths of Federal Judge John Roll and a nine-year-old child, is despicable, made even worse by the constant drumbeat of violent rhetoric that stems from the paranoid, anti-government forces on the far right.  It is one thing to criticize someone politically: it is quite another to use violent language and gun-related metaphors to incite supporters.


How To Speak Democrat

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Kirsten Gillibrand: Workin' It

What should Democrats be talking about this election cycle amidst a jobless recovery, high unemployment and a right determined to put John “beta-carotene” Boehner in charge of the House and the wing-nuts in the majority in the Senate?

The Donkey Edge believes the junior senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, has found it in her new web video:

More of this please.

It’s tough and lays out a simple but powerful message that actually lets voters know what she’s fighting for – them. Their jobs. Their families. It strikes a a chord with a strong, straightforward, populist message which we believe should be seen and emulated by other Democrats this election cycle.

She uses the word “working/workers” four times in the first 18 seconds. Why? Because this is the base of our party. Us. We The Workers. And by workers she embraces nearly all of the people in New York (and America) not named Koch — we who have been beaten and bloodied by the right’s agenda for a generation and the Bush administration’s 8-year misanthropic spending binge.

It has an Obama-esque feel but with teeth. It connects in a way that Obama has not in his first 20 months in office.

“I want to see Made In America again”. Wow. Is this the 70’s? The last time I heard this I was a five-year old walking through State Fair Park with my mom and dad to catch the Captain and Tennille concert.

Imagine if Obama said something this straightforward. If he did, he would fear the sky would open and the unholy right’s vitriol would rain upon him like a steady downpour of a million razor blades. But the funny thing is all he needs to do is to use his umbrella – we the working people. The people that made this country what it is. Because 98% of us can’t be wrong.

It’s the people, stupid.

– SH

UPDATE: She’s A Witch!

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Will Christine O'Donnell's Christian Fundamentalist Supporters Turn The Other Cheek?

Okay, maybe Delaware Senatorial Republican hopeful Christine O’Donnell isn’t a witch, and she didn’t turn me into a newt. But by her own admission, she has dabbled in the occult. Last night, on Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time,” the host showed a clip from his old show, “Politically Incorrect,” in which O’Donnell admitted that she “dabbled in witchcraft” and once had a date on a “satanic altar.” Here’s a quote from her October 29, 1999 appearance:

I dabbled into witchcraft. I hung around people who were doing these things. I’m not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do. One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar and I didn’t know it. I mean, there was a little blood there and stuff like that.

We went to a movie and then had a little picnic on a satanic altar.

And here’s the clip:

I wonder what her Christian fundamentalist friends will have to say about her late-1990s escapades. You know, the same ones who love to ban Halloween celebrations at their local schools and call for the banning and/or burning of Harry Potter books.

Or is forgiveness only for those with an “R” by their name?


Read our original post on Christine O’Donnell’s crazy ideas about human sexuality and other paranoid views in “No Sex, Please, We’re Teabaggers.

No Sex, Please, We’re Teabaggers

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The Newest Member of "Club Crazy"

With the news of Tea Party-backed Christine O’Donnell’s victory in the Delaware Republican Senate primary, the Democrats have one more name to add to the list of crazy. We’ve known about Sharron Angle for months and about Michele Bachmann for years (see “Doubling Down on the Crazy”), but Ms. O’Donnell’s brand of wingnuttia may be new to our readers. So, as a public service, we are offering a compendium of crazy.

Ms. O’Donnell has publicly stated that:

– The kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna at MTV’s 2003 VMAs was pathetic and icky (or something to that effect).

– She is against nude sunbathing (Source: Transcript of Aug. 23, 2000 Fox News segment “Should Sunbathing in Buff be Banned Altogether?”).

“I mean, it is very difficult, I’m sure, for a man to sit there and stare at his girlfriend naked and not want to go a little bit further.”

People with AIDS should not be called “victims” and that the disease is a consequence of their “lifestyle.” Of course, she is also against the use of condoms, which has been proven to stop the spread of the disease.

“We’re doing a great disservice to our young people because the only protection is abstinence, as condoms have been proven fallible….The federal government should not be telling young people to use condoms….It’s also an insult to teenagers, reducing them to the level of a dog that can’t control its hormones.” [Washington Times, 12/1/95]

– Abstinence-only programs have been an enormous success [Source: Hannity & Colmes, 6/6/00], even though they have proven not to work.

“Overwhelmingly, programs that teach abstinence only have an incredible success rate because you’re not giving them a confused message.”

– Co-ed dorm rooms will lead to “orgy rooms” [Source: Washington Times, 9/18/03].

Dorm life has evolved into a blending of the sexes, from coed buildings to coed floors, coed bathrooms and now even coed rooms,”


“What’s next? Orgy rooms? Menage a trois rooms?”

– Masturbation is a sin and a seriously disordered act. During her 1996 appearance on the MTV program, “Sex in the 90s”, O’Donnell stated:

“The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. You can’t masturbate without lust!”


“…if he already knows what pleases him, and he can please himself, then why am I in the picture?”

See the video here:

Clearly, Ms. O’Donnell has issues, but why should all of us suffer?

A recent study found that 93 percent of all Americans have masturbated and that the other 7 percent are liars. Okay, I made that one up, but you get the point. It’s a time-honored hobby that has even shown to have medicinal benefits for men in the fight against prostate cancer. But I suppose Ms. O’Donnell would counter that masturbation constitutes preventative medicine and should not be covered under any circumstances – either by the government or by private insurance.

Of course, if masturbation is a mortal sin, then the seventh level of hell must be more crowded than an L.A. freeway at rush hour. Talk about a bubble economy. I’ve single-handedly put one ginormous down payment on my future “Hellhole in Hades” condominium, although I hear it has a killer view of the boiling river of blood.

But perhaps Ms. O’Donnell’s clear aversion to human sexuality may be making her a bit paranoid.

According to one of Ms. O’Donnell’s campaign managers during her 2008 Senate race against Joe Biden, Ms. O’Donnell actually believed the current Vice President was tapping her phones.

Ms. O’Donnell believes that President Obama is anti-American (mostly because he didn’t vote for a bill that would have made English the official language).

She wanted to put Bill Clinton on trial for the murder of Vince Foster, even though numerous investigations concluded that Mr. Foster committed suicide.

And the doozy of them all, she stated on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Faux News in November of 2007 that she believed scientists have created mice with human brains.

They are — they are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they’re already into this experiment.”

Of course, we all know that happened years ago over at Warner Brothers. But thankfully, all of The Brain’s efforts to take over the world have been thwarted to date.

Christine O'Donnell's Greatest Fear

But despite the obvious opportunity for snark, Democrats misunderestimate underestimate candidates like Ms. O’Donnell (and Christian theocrats like David Barton) at their peril. We have done it repeatedly in the past, and it has allowed them to present themselves as “mainstream.” Many of them will not be satisfied until we live in a Christian fundamentalist theocracy free from dissent or other religions. We at The Donkey Edge have written about this fact in our Beck University series here, here, and here.

But as Sam Stein reported yesterday in The Huffington Post, even O’Donnell herself believes the government can legislate morality (as long as its her kind of morality):

In a C-SPAN appearance the Huffington Post unearthed from December 1996, the Delaware Republican said it was a “misconception that you, quote unquote, can’t legislate morality.”

“The reality of that statement is that if you don’t legislate one morality then you are legislating somebody else’s morality,” she said. “So you can’t get around legislating morality.”

We also need to realize that, as crazy as these candidates have become, this strain of conservatism is nothing new.

Our good friend Digby has an excellent post detailing the fact that the Tea Party is nothing more than the amalgam of all the right-wing fringe groups coalescing under one banner. As usual, Digby hits it right on the head:

“One thing to remember, however — while these people have been around forever, this is the first time they have become a truly powerful institutional force in the Republican party. They have moved smartly into the vacuum left by the Cheney failure and they have done it in a time of crisis, which gives them opportunities they wouldn’t normally have. They are more dangerous today than usual and if they win these seats this fall they cause some very serious trouble.”

We may have thwarted The Brain, but we still have a ton of work to do to defeat this radical fringe.  And it is a battle we must wage without end.


UPDATE: Video clip of O’Donnell admitting that she “dabbled in witchcraft” and once had a “little picnic on a satanic altar.” What will her Christian fundamentalist supporters say? Or is forgiveness only for those with an “R” by their name?

Graph of the Week

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With the midterm elections looming large, we at The Donkey Edge have provided a graph that illustrates why we must vote for our Democratic representatives/senators this fall. Certainly, we’ve had our differences with a few (and a few Blue Dogs are not worth re-electing), but by and large, a Democratic administration (with Democratic support in Congress) creates more wealth and higher wages across ALL income levels than when their Republican counterparts are in office.

Here’s the graph (h/t to Ezra Klein via Slate):

Always Vote For Democrats

You can find this graph (and many others) at Slate’s must-read series on The Great Divergence by Timothy Noah. (Three guesses as to when The Great Divergence in wealth began. Hint: you can thank this guy and his sellout to wealthy corporate interests.) 

The information in this particular graph comes from Princeton political scientist Larry Bartels‘ 2008 book, Unequal Democracy, in which he studied real income growth rates under each president since Truman, from 1948-2005. From the Slate series (emphasis mine):

Bartels plotted out what the inequality trend would have been had only Democrats been president. He also plotted out what the trend would be had only Republicans been president.In Democrat-world, pre-tax income increased 2.64 percent annually for the poor and lower-middle-class and 2.12 percent annually for the upper-middle-class and rich. There was no Great Divergence. Instead, the Great Compression—the egalitarian income trend that prevailed through the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s—continued to the present, albeit with incomes converging less rapidly than before. In Republican-world, meanwhile, pre-tax income increased 0.43 percent annually for the poor and lower-middle-class and 1.90 percent for the upper-middle-class and rich. Not only did the Great Divergence occur; it was more greatly divergent. Also of note: In Democrat-world pre-tax income increased faster than in the real world not just for the 20th percentile but also for the 40th, 60th, and 80th. We were all richer and more equal! But in Republican-world, pre-tax income increased slower than in the real world not just for the 20th percentile but also for the 40th, 60th, and 80th. We were all poorer and less equal!

In short, elections do matter. So, it’s time to rally ’round the Dems and get out the vote this fall.

Donkey Ad Watch: Gillibrand On Offense

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Sen. Gillibrand's Republican Primary Challengers?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s campaign just released a web video criticizing her potential Republican challengers for pandering to the radical right-wing fringe. The video employs an excellent compilation of clips from the recent Republican primary debate in which all three candidates practically do a slapstick routine trying to out-Tea Party the other. In it, we see them endorse Creationism in the public schools, side with the climate change deniers, and prove their superior Tea Party bonafides.

The only things missing are the face slaps, head punches, and eye-gouges.

So, who are the cast of characters here?

David Malpass: Former chief global economist for Bear Stearns from 2001 until its collapse in 2008. Of course, he made millions while the taxpayers were stuck with the bill. He’s also been endorsed by the New York Post and Rudy Giuliani, and he pays homage to Ronald Reagan in practically every ad he releases. I wonder if he’s heard this 1948 radio broadcast of The Gipper as firebrand liberal?

Bruce Blakeman: A cipher who the Gillibrand campaign calls “a failed Nassau County politician whose only legacy is that he raised property taxes on seniors and families on Long Island.

Joe DioGuardi: A former Republican Congressman who calls Social Security “the biggest Ponzi scheme in the world.

One of these three stooges will be her general election opponent, and it’s never too early to expose them for what they are – puppets to the extreme right-wing fringe. It’s good to see a Democrat not sitting back in hand-wringing mode, too afraid to take the fight to the Republicans.

If you feel so inclined, you can donate to Sen. Gillibrand’s campaign by following this link.

Eat The Rich

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Karoli of Crooks and Liars has a good post up this morning about the frightening policies the Republicans are openly boasting about implementing should they take control of Congress after the 2010 elections.

To date, various Republican candidates have endorsed Ayn Rand Fanboy a.k.a. Paul Ryan’s plan to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and health care reform – all while giving the “deficit savings” to the top 1% in the form of tax cuts. Republican leaders have embraced Michele “Mad Hatter of the Tea Party” Bachmann’s plan to blanket 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. with subpoenas and motions to impeach. And just a couple of days ago, noted toe-sucker Dick Morris boasted that the Republicans will shut down the government over the next two years to block Obama at all costs. Here’s the video:

But these policies are not new. They have just become “mainstreamed” within the Republican ranks. And since they have been getting away with more and more reactionary and regressive policies over the past 30 years, they don’t feel they have to hide the true nature of them as much: they have already created a base that believes that these draconian policies are best for the country – even though they are not in the voters’ economic best interests.

So how did we get here?

Jane Mayer of The New Yorker has penned an excellent expose on the powerful forces behind both movement conservatism and the so-called Tea Party phenomenon. In the article, she pulls the mask off of billionaires David H. Koch and his brother, Charles, who are some of the most prominent behind-the-scenes sponsors of far-right doctrine – no taxes (on the wealthy), no government regulations, climate change denial, among many others.

In reading the article, it is clear that the Koch brothers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to accomplish just one thing – protect their multi-billion dollar empire. But like most conservatives, they are at least smart enough to realize that these policies cannot be sold to the American public as is. They need to put lipstick on these pigs.

How else could they successfully sell the notion that global climate change is a farce or that smog was beneficial because it would help prevent more cases of skin cancer or that lower taxes on the wealthy and corporations will create jobs, among countless other canards?

They accomplish their selfish ends by whipping the masses into a frenzy about the evil government and its fascist communist socialist Clinton Hillary Obama Hitler Democratic leaders who want to steal your money in order to give it to your lazy neighbor down the street while forcing you to marry the gay man around the corner and throwing you out of work because the multi-billion corporations can’t possibly survive with any regulations.

The Republicans love to scream about “class warfare” in this country whenever anyone suggests leveling the economic playing field, raising taxes on the wealthy (so that they pay their fair share), or providing a social safety net for the unemployed, the elderly, or the infirm, but they are dead wrong about who is being laid siege.

It’s all of us, folks.

It is a war on the bottom 99-percent who have seen their standard of living continue to deteriorate over the last 30 years due to tax cuts for the wealthy that have drained the treasury; deregulation that has led to boom-bust laissez-faire capitalism; laws that have made it easier to ship jobs overseas; and a steady drumbeat of anti-government rhetoric solely designed to shred the social safety net and put that money back into the pockets of the richest 1%.  Here is a handy chart (h/t to Paul Rosenberg of Open Left). Pay particular attention to the pale yellow line.  It shows that the bottom 99 percent of all wage earners have seen almost no real growth in wages since 1973.

But this is nothing new.  As the masterful Frank Rich points out in his latest NY Times op-ed:

All three tycoons [David Koch, Charles Koch, and Rupert Murdoch] are the latest incarnation of what the historian Kim Phillips-Fein labeled “Invisible Hands” in her prescient 2009 book of that title: those corporate players who have financed the far right ever since the du Pont brothers spawned the American Liberty League in 1934 to bring down F.D.R. You can draw a straight line from the Liberty League’s crusade against the New Deal “socialism” of Social Security, the Securities and Exchange Commission and child labor laws to the John Birch Society-Barry Goldwater assault on J.F.K. and Medicare to the Koch-Murdoch-backed juggernaut against our “socialist” president.

Only the fat cats change — not their methods and not their pet bugaboos (taxes, corporate regulation, organized labor, and government “handouts” to the poor, unemployed, ill and elderly). Even the sources of their fortunes remain fairly constant. Koch Industries began with oil in the 1930s and now also spews an array of industrial products, from Dixie cups to Lycra, not unlike DuPont’s portfolio of paint and plastics. Sometimes the biological DNA persists as well. The Koch brothers’ father, Fred, was among the select group chosen to serve on the Birch Society’s top governing body. In a recorded 1963 speech that survives in a University of Michigan archive, he can be heard warning of “a takeover” of America in which Communists would “infiltrate the highest offices of government in the U.S. until the president is a Communist, unknown to the rest of us.” That rant could be delivered as is at any Tea Party rally today.

So how do we combat this? Unfortunately, it will take a sustained effort over decades (and without end) from progressive think-tanks, academia, and grassroots pressure to force our side of the aisle to toughen up and fight back against these powerful interests. And it won’t be easy due to the massive amounts of money and corporate infrastructure at their disposal. But the very future of our country is at stake. Do we give back all of the progressive gains we have made over the past century, or do we stop the forces of evil in their tracks, no matter what the cost?

But more important, we need an entirely new way of engaging with voters. It isn’t enough to point to the Republicans and say how evil and wrong-headed they are. We need to convince voters that our policies and ideas aren’t just right for the country but will benefit them personally.

One way to start is to say loudly and often that the corporations, bankers, Wall Street denizens, crony capitalists, and the wealthy billionaires who finance these right-wing think tanks and Astroturf movements are stealing from us.

They steal our jobs when they ship them overseas.

They steal our wages when they hoard profits and give huge bonuses to their CEOs.

They steal our money when they gamble with it at the Wall Street casinos.

They steal our power when they constantly foster deregulation and cater to corporate interests.

They steal our standard of living when they cut benefits (health care insurance, retirement plans, et al) and promise to slash Medicare, Medicaid, and privatize Social Security.

They steal our health and sometimes our lives when they gut government regulations on food, water, drugs, and workplace safety.

They steal the future of our planet when they deny global climate change and kill environmental policies – all in the name of more profits.

And they steal our dignity when they whip up xenophobic, racist, or homophobic sentiment in an effort to distract from their real agenda by dividing and marginalizing us.

Of course, not all corporations or wealthy individuals are evil, but those billionaires who manipulate the masses to force their selfish agenda on America are no better than thieves and robber barons. It’s not about what’s good for the country with them: it’s about what’s good for their corporate profits and their ability to amass wealth. Noted economist Dean Baker says it best in his recent article on The Huffington Post.

No progressive movement will make any progress until we understand the battle we are fighting. Our income is a cost to the rich. They will look to cut it wherever they can, whether this is wages for private sector workers, pensions for public employees, or Social Security for retirees. That is their target.

We have to fight back using the same logic. Their income is our cost — the multimillion dollar bonuses for the Wall Street wizards is a direct drain on the economy. So are the bloated paychecks of top executives and their lackey boards. Progressives must be prepared to use all the same tactics to bring down the income of the rich and powerful that they have used to reduce the income of everyone else.

If it’s a class war they want, then let’s storm the gates and eat the rich for a change.


UPDATE (09/02): I received an email today from progressive hero, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), that openly attacks David Koch for his crackpot views and his insidious attempts to use his outrageous fortune and dirty political tricks to fool the electorate into supporting candidates who do not have their best interests at heart. Thank goodness for The New Yorker expose: it has put a face on the right-wing movement, making it easier for people to understand the villainy behind their wealthy, corporate, elitist agenda. It’s heartening to see our side using it to their advantage for a change. More of this, please!

Here is the text from Rep. Grayson’s email:

A couple of weeks ago, we suggested that Republican Dan Webster isn’t the real opponent in this campaign. He hasn’t been on the ballot in a quarter of a century. Dan Webster couldn’t beat a pair of fives with a full house.

I said that someone else would be the real opponent. Now we know who that is.

His name is David Koch. He has $17 billion. And he is spending $250,000 of that in attack ads against me this week.

Will you help us fight back against David Koch, by contributing $25 or $50 to our campaign? Every dollar counts.

David Koch is the owner of the second largest private company in America. He made his money the old-fashioned way: he inherited it. Incredibly, his father got rich helping to industrialize and arm the Soviet Union.

Koch lives in New York. He often attends the theater. As far as we know, he has never been to Orlando. But he wants to choose who represents Orlando in Congress. And it isn’t Alan Grayson.

For many years, David Koch was a member of the Libertarian Party. He serves on the board of directors of the right-wing Cato Institute. He is a reclusive billionaire whose political dirty tricks are exposed in the current issue of the New Yorker Magazine. The title of that New Yorker article is “Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging war against Obama.”

Why does David Koch support Dan Webster? Because Koch wants to cut Social Security. And so does Dan Webster.

David Koch is waging war on President Obama and on us. Will you help to launch our counterattack?

What it comes down to is this: who is going to choose our leaders? Us, or a crackpot billionaire like David Koch?

More on this tomorrow. In the meantime, if you can help, please do. Because if we don’t, then David Koch will buy the House, the Senate and, in 2012, the White House.


Alan Grayson

New Donkey Ad: Meg Whitman in ‘Foiled Again’

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Meg Whitman: "My voting record is abysmal. My registration record is abysmal."

We at TheDonkeyEdge are thrilled and honored to have created this new ad for California Nurses Association and Courage Campaign which launches today. It skewers Meg Whitman by contrasting her pathetic voting record with the struggles of the courageous women who fought for the right to vote and achieved groundbreaking success 90 years ago this month. Here’s the e-mail from Courage Campaign:

Dear Friend —

Honestly, I’m offended by Meg Whitman.

Ninety years ago this August, women won the right to vote when the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was finally ratified in 1920.

I take that right seriously. Meg Whitman doesn’t.

Whitman wants to be governor of California. But she has rarely voted in three decades. Shouldn’t our next governor show more respect for our right to vote — and for the struggles that earned women the right to vote?On Thursday, August 26, nurses and activists from across California will travel to Sacramento for a rally celebrating women’s right to vote. Many will take a train to Sacramento, honoring the suffragist movement and their success, and dressing in costumes from the suffragist era.

Even if you can’t join the rally, you can still help us send a message to Meg. Click here to watch our video about how Meg Whitman has taken the 19th Amendment for granted. Then sign up to Vote-By-Mail — the most reliable method of voting in every election. Show that you’ll stand up for voting rights, even if Meg Whitman won’t:

Suffragists fought for decades to win the right to vote. They faced sexism, violence, and other obstacles in their effort to secure equal rights.

Ninety years later, full equality still eludes us. Many women are denied the right to marry the person they love. Others lack health care services, education, and jobs.

Meg Whitman supports Prop 8. She pledges to cut public funding for health care and education. She’s already promised mass layoffs if she becomes governor, just as she did at eBay. And she can’t even be bothered to exercise that most basic of rights — the right to vote.

That’s why the Courage Campaign and the California Nurses Association created this video to hold Meg Whitman accountable for her deplorable voting record. Please watch our video and then apply to Vote-By-Mail — it’s the most effective way to stand up for voting rights today:

Thank you for showing Meg Whitman that you take women’s rights seriously.

Sarah Callahan
Chief Operating Officer, Courage Campaign

Please join us at TheDonkeyEdge in supporting the efforts of California Nurses Association and Courage Campaign today.

Here’s more on Meg Whitman’ non-existent voting history (here) and her campaign strategy of lies, lies, lies (here).

– SH & SF

Meg Whitman’s Advice To Voters: “It Just Doesn’t Matter”

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"I should have voted and I didn't."

Meg Whitman’s voting record has more holes in it than a Dick Cheney hunting buddy. In 2000 Business Week listed Whitman among a group of top executives with “worse than spotty voting records”. While she was CEO of E-bay, E-Meg didn’t vote in either of the California special gubernatorial elections in 2003 and 2005. In fact, she only registered as a Republican in 2007.

So what does Meg say about all this?

“It doesn’t actually matter. It doesn’t matter. My voting record is actually atrocious, and my registration record is atrocious.”

She nonchalantly flipped this phrase out in an interview like she has million-dollar bills. To date, Whitman has donated $104 Million dollars to her own campaign – making it the largest non-presidential campaign budget in the history of American politics… ever.

Even her own partisans have a problem with her voting record:

“It’s a dereliction of our first duty as American citizens. We’re talking about someone who has practically not voted her entire adult life. This is embarrassing.”

To be fair, Meg has voted. She’s lived in six states and has voted in one. There have been twenty-one presidential and mid-term elections that she has been eligible to vote in and she has voted in five. If she were a ball player she’d have a batting average below the Mendoza line. But to her credit she did fess up:

“Every citizen should take time to vote, and on more than one occasion, I didn’t,” the former eBay chief told the GOP activists. “Voting is a precious gift handed down by generations of Americans. I regret not having delivered my vote on several occasions.”

Isn’t that enough? Not according to one of Sarah Palin’s favorite founding fathers (remember, she likes “all of them”):

“We in America do not have government by the majority, we have government by the majority who participate.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1787

Remember those hanging chads in Bush-Gore 2000 and the hand-counting in Franken-Whatshisname in Minnesota in 2008? It does matter now and it has mattered throughout American history.

In fact here are five examples of how one vote really did make a difference in elections to the U.S. House of Representatives:

  1. In 1829 in Kentucky, Nicholas Coleman defeated Adam Beatty 2,520 to 2,519.
  2. In 1847 in Indiana, George G. Dunn defeated David M. Dobson 7,455 to 7,454.
  3. In 1847 in Virginia, Thomas S. Flournoy defeated his opponent 650 to 649.
  4. In 1854 in Illinois, James C. Allen defeated William B. Archer 8,452 to 8,451.
  5. In 1882 in Virginia, Robert M. Mayo defeated George T. Garrison 10,505 to 10,504.

So Meg didn’t want to participate in the process by voting before, but she now wants to have the most important vote in California?

I’ll leave it to Meg Whitman’s new campaign manager, Bill Murray, to sum up:

– SH

You can find our post “Meg, Lies and Videotape” here.

8/24 UPDATE: See our new ad that skewers Meg Whitman’s voting record here.

Tarjay: The Musical!

In 2010 Midterm Elections, Civil Liberties, Inequality, Politics on August 18, 2010 at 3:03 pm

The Donkey loves a good musical. Here’s one of our favorites!

More on how Tarjay hates “The Gay” here.