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The Kindle-ing

In Politics on September 10, 2010 at 1:47 pm

What about the Kindle?

While the world watches in horror as Gainesville Rev. Terry Jones plays an outrageous game of tug-of-war with himself over whether or not to lead a group of torchbearers to set fire to Islam’s holiest text tomorrow, there’s another book that was just “published” in Florida that I wish could be burned. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for burning books. In fact I find the idea abhorrent. The thought of burning a book makes me shake with anger.

But this week a 170-page child molestation instruction manual surfaced in Orange County, Florida.

Yes, an instruction manual on how to molest kids.

It was discovered on a list-serv by a been-there done-that Orange County Sheriff’s detective who “has never seen anything like it”:

In one of those e-mails it contained this pamphlet. Um, the pamphlet itself was… I, I’ve never seen anything like it. It was pretty amazing when we first saw it just because of how detailed it is, how, it seems like a professional had put it together.

It describes everything. Literally it’s a step-by-step manual. It describes to people how they can find victims, different locations – churches, schools, day care centers, family, friends, anything – any type of situation you can come across. It details how those offenders or those predators can prey on those children and in a sense try to possibly get away with it undetected.

Here’s a link to the segment from WFTV Channel 9 news in Orlando and to the detective’s interview.

Knowing that that there is a detailed how-to being distributed to current or would-be child molesters makes me want to puke. But it turns out that having and distributing this type of instruction manual in Orange County, Florida is not a crime, though the Sheriff’s Department is looking for the author.

This is by far the most extensive one I’ve seen. It’s very detailed. It shows very clearly how these acts can occur. From the beginning point to the end.

If someone is out there looking for this information it is available out there and it’s a sad thing.

The conflict in Florida this week over these two very different books illustrates how the digital age has affected our ability to create, distribute and vanquish the written word — today burning a book is purely a symbolic act not a practical one.

The book that shouldn’t be burned in Florida might be and the book that should be burned can’t.

– SH

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