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Theater of the Absurd – Part Two

In Politics on September 7, 2010 at 1:08 pm

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Act 2: Get your dog whistles out. Here comes “personal responsibility”, “corporate citizenship”, and the dawn of Reagan’s Evangelical Christian subtext.

Some highlights:

General Electric uses the phrase “corporate citizenship”. That the corporation itself is a citizen and, as you say, has a responsibility as a corporate citizen in the community. And I think that modern industry would be the first to admit that back in the ’30s and previous to the ’30s leading up to the Great Depression that there was no such thing as “corporate citizenship” and that management was responsible before the creation of organized labor because they were unwilling to recognize their responsibility and their obligation to their fellow citizens.

See, a corporation is a citizen — no different than a person — with a body (its employees) and a soul (its owners). A soul that can be forgiven — and saved! —  if it is willing to repent. Into the healing waters they go emerging as a new, pure “corporate citizen.”

And now labor must be willing in this massive reconciliation to realize that those same policies no longer hold. That management itself has recognized its earlier sins and repents.

Praise Jesus!

I think we’re also into the era now wherein achieving this strength labor gave away, and when I say labor now I mean the “laboring people” now, gave away a great many of their democratic rights.

In other words, as we do in war they chose a leader and gave a leader full power to wage this war and we’re now in that spot where we must begin to take back into the hands of the rank-and-file membership more of our democratic rights.

Run for the hills – the Communists have taken over the unions!

Here’s part 2 of the interview from 1958:

– SH

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