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Theater of the Absurd – Part One

In Politics on September 6, 2010 at 10:32 am

The Ronald Reagan Theater of the Absurd

How did the “Original Reagan Democrat” make the intellectual leap from his 1948 Truman stump speech here to the President who destroyed organized labor in America? Here’s part one of a radio interview he gave on the program “Insight” in 1958 that may help to connect the dots.

In it Ronnie makes mention of his “unique” setup with General Electric — the good guys — who have “laid down the challenge to organized labor”. And before you jump to the conclusion that labor are the bad guys here, Ronnie is “speaking from the standpoint of labor” as former President of the Screen Actors Guild. He continues:

Organized labor had better look around and review their own attitudes in the face of this very enlightened policy toward the people who work for them. And it’s as simple as this: that the man who works for you in a company is also the customer. You can’t wear two hats. You can’t browbeat him one stage of the day and then when he’s out shopping adopt the policy of “the customer is always right”.

If that were only true.

More on the “farsighted and benevolent” policies of the corporations “from the standpoint of labor” via G.E.’s mouthpiece:

Happy Labor Day.

– SH

UPDATE: Read our follow-up, Theater of the Absurd – Part Two, as well as The Original Reagan Democrat.

  1. So Ray-gun is basically admitting the same thing El Rushbo did?

  2. Thanks, a great series.

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