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NOAA Shills for BP: Gulf Fish “Safe To Eat”

In BP Oil Spill, Environment, Politics, Public Health on August 7, 2010 at 2:09 pm

Dead Fish Wash Up on Shore in Biloxi, Mississippi

The well is “capped”, the oil is “gone”, and now the fish are “safe to eat”. Glad that’s over.

If this new “super metabolism” theory is NOAA’s official take on how fish “naturally” and “relatively rapidly” break down oil they come in contact with then why bother with the super schnozes at all? Fish either break down the oil within weeks and they are “fit for human consumption”… or they don’t and they need to be tested. Do we actually pay these people’s salaries?

Also, no mention of how fish “naturally” metabolize the dispersant, Corexit, or if that’s even remotely possible. And the BP shills at NOAA still do not have a test for the super schnozes to determine if that toxic chemical is in the fish or not, but given their willingness to get the fish quickly to market in this statement to the press, I’m sure it’s on the top of their list.

NOAA’s shifting narrative is starting to sound vaguely similar to the line of “reasoning” that got us into and kept us in Iraq. Funny, that was all about the oil too.

– SH

NOTE: In case you’re interested in eating fish from the Gulf any time in the near future, here’s more on the chemical impact of Corexit from marine toxicologist, Susan Shaw, at TED:

OTHER POSTS: Our other posts on the dispersant, Corexit, and the impact of the oil spill on the people of the gulf region are here, here, here, here and here.

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