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This is an image from Sarah Palin’s Facebook page from March 23, 2010. It illustrates a “target” list–cross hairs above 20 congressional districts including that of the Arizona Congresswoman from the 8th district Gabrielle Giffords who has been shot this morning along with six others at a public meeting in Tuscon, AZ.

From Sarah Palin’s facebook page entitled “Don’t Get Demoralized! Get Organized! Take Back The 20!”:

Signed “Sarah Palin”.

This link takes you to a chilling video of Giffords on MSNBC last March reacting to the vandalism at her office and threats to her safety after her vote in favor of health care reform.

At the Donkey Edge, our thoughts and prayers are with the Giffords family and all of those who were killed and wounded today at the Safeway in Tuscon.


Update: Courtesy of @ebertchicago, “this ad was run by Giffords’ rightist opponent”

Update: Here’s Palin’s original Facebook post from March 23, 2010.

Update: I have revised this post changing “who has allegedly been fatally shot” to “who has been shot” as Giffords’ and the others who have been shot are at the hospital in critical condition. At this point MSNBC reports one fatality–a 9 year old. Our prayers are with their family.

Update: A prescient video from the March 25, 2010 edition of–wait for it–“The View” reacting to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page posting of March 23, 2010. I can’t believe I’m writing this–but I agree with Elizabeth Hasselbeck and find her reaction both well-spoken and spot-on. Whoopi Goldberg’s words are chilling and pointed: “to the talking heads who are still inciting this — Whatever comes down from this, it’s on your hands.”


Update: No matter one’s political views, there is no place in our free society for violence of any kind.  The cowardly shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen innocent bystanders (as of this writing), including the deaths of Federal Judge John Roll and a nine-year-old child, is despicable, made even worse by the constant drumbeat of violent rhetoric that stems from the paranoid, anti-government forces on the far right.  It is one thing to criticize someone politically: it is quite another to use violent language and gun-related metaphors to incite supporters.


Californication Voter’s Guide 2010!

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Whoomp, here it is! The California Voter’s Guide for Tuesday’s election. Vote early… and vote often!

CLICK ON LINK BELOW for the more legible and printable PDF version:

Donkey CA Voter Guide 2010


Let's kick some ass Tuesday!


The Truthinator: Schwarzenegger on Class Warfare

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Hasta la vista, black oil

This is extraordinary. California Governornator Arnold Schwarzenegger who we at TheDonkeyEdge have blasted repeatedly both in our California Carol ad for his budget shenanigans and for dealing a devastating veto earlier this year against agricultural workers making them second class citizens has made a Hollywood-style, Han Solo, blow up the bad guys at the last minute speech the likes of which I, frankly, never could have imagine coming from his lips.

In it Schwarzenegger terminates the Koch brothers and big (Texas) oil. He makes the following progressive statements which from Prez Obama would make the right sound a clarion call for his ouster:

“Does anyone really believe that these companies out of the goodness of their black oil hearts are spending millions and millions of dollars to protect jobs?”

Black oil hearts? That’s only the beginning. Batter up:

“I want to talk about the corruption of the democratic process and about forces willing to sabotage this country’s economic future for private gain. I want to talk about the Texas oil interests that have descended upon California to overturn a California environmental law, and then as soon as they’ve done their dirty work thanks to millions of dollars of scare-tactic advertising, they intend, in the words of their own spokesperson, to fold up their tents and go home. Ladies and gentlemen there’s a great drama, there’s a great struggle playing out here in California right now which the rest of the world doesn’t pay much attention to and knows very little about and that’s why I’m here today to put the spotlight on this very important issue. And let me just say that the entire oil industry is not involved in this deception that I will explain here today. No, there are some oil companies that are trying to do the right thing. But others are not. Oil companies like Valero and Desoro and Frontier and Koch Industries are trying to blatantly manipulate the will of the people and the public good.”

Talk about using the bully pulpit. Roll video:

When you’ve lost Schwarzenegger you’ve jumped the shark. Obviously, he’s pissed about the Koch brothers and big oil trying to overturn his landmark bill curbing carbon emissions. And I think he speaks from the heart. He obviously loathes Prop 23 which is on California’s November ballot, as should all Californians, but the rhetoric he uses here, to put it mildly, is refreshing. He sounds like Dennis Kucinich.

Maybe it’s the woman behind the man. Or maybe on this issue Schwarzenegger gets it. All I know is that truth really is stranger than fiction.

– SH